Community - Staying Connected

Staying connected with other encountered couples will truly help keep the weekend alive for you.  There are WWME Sharing Groups throughout the Houston area where you can meet with other couples that have found the weekend to be a crucial tool in keeping their marriage alive and vibrant.

There are also many opportunities to help us keep the WWME vision alive.  Each weekend needs our help to keep the dream alive.  Fortunately, helping out with the weekends, attending sharing group meetings and larger community events helps us all grow in our sacrament.

All of us strive to live the Marriage Encounter lifestyle.  Sometimes we succeed.  Sometimes we don't.  Dive into this amazing community of couples just like you, working at keeping their marriages strong and learn how we help each other along the way.  Give your marriage the attention it deserves.  We are here to support you.

Contact a Sharing Group Leader near you to attend their next sharing group meeting.